Not only is the Fair about putting on a great event for the local community, but we also donate the profits from the event to local worthwhile causes - with half going to our local schools and half going to local charities.

Supporting Our Schools:

Our 4 local schools (Orleans Primary, St Mary's Primary, St Stephen's Primary and Orleans Park) provide huge support to the Fair for which we are very grateful:

Supporting Our Charities:

Every year we receive fantastic applications from lots of very worthy causes and the Committee members have the difficult job of choosing which charities to help. In 2016, after a thorough review of all the applications and a vote, the committee decided to support Richmond Foodbank, Richmond Borough MIND and Homelink. The reports of how they used the grants below:


It was a great encouragement to receive this grant which was to help the work of our Foodbank at the YMCA White House based in Hampton. It’s open twice a week and is one of three satellites around the borough besides our main hub at the Vineyard Community Centre in Richmond itself.

Our photos show some of the volunteers who help distribute the food parcels for those who are in emergency need of food, largely due to changes to individual’s benefit arrangements.

The White House Foodbank in the last year has distributed food to 411 adults and 217 children out of the 912 people helped across Twickenham, Teddington, Hampton, and Whitton. 2321 people were helped throughout the borough.

Our grant was specifically to provide refreshments to those who visit us – in the White Café and also in the Vineyard Community Centre Café where a complimentary meal is available.

To a big thanks for this grant!

Thank you so much once again for the wonderful donation we received after last year’s fair.  The money was put towards our two youth wellbeing projects – Bounce and Mindkit – both of which have gone from strength to strength over the last year.

Bounce (ages 10-14) and Mindkit (ages 14-25) deliver free wellbeing sessions to improve the resilience of young people by equipping them with the tools, skills and knowledge to look after their emotional health. Sessions draw on recognised approaches to wellbeing, including the Five Ways to Wellbeing and Mindfulness, and can also be tailored to meet age and need and can offer specialised sessions in eating disorders, anxiety/stress, BME communities and young parents.  Sessions are delivered either as assemblies or workshops in local community settings such as schools, youth groups and Scout groups.  Sessions aim to help young people understand how to develop mental resilience and look after their emotional health, but also aim to break down the stigma associated with mental health and help young people develop the confidence to speak openly and confidently about mental health with their peers, teachers and parents.  Young people who attend sessions have unique free access to a Mindfulness app (Headspace) and we have also designed and published leaflets to hand out to all attendees, with information on follow up self-help resources, and how to improve their resilience using the demonstrated Mindfulness and 5 Ways To Wellbeing approaches. 

Sessions are peer-led, and delivered by young people who have completed accredited Youth Wellbeing Training and have their own lived experience of mental health problems which they can draw on to lead sessions – significantly by sharing their personal stories. Since the project began in 2015 we have trained 3 cohorts of volunteers, totalling 22 young people. Volunteers are usually between the ages of 18-25 and young people attending the sessions have said they really benefitted from having people of a similar age to them.  Young people delivering sessions are able to develop employability skills and increase their confidence through delivering the sessions.       

There is a real need for projects that support the mental health of local young people.  For young people the most common mental health problems are depression, anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and self-harm.  The Mental Health Foundation states that 1 in 10 children have some form of mental health problem and that 75% of mental health problems begin before the age of 18, however studies have shown that early intervention can prevent the illness from becoming more severe.  Within the Borough of Richmond there are 2,000 people aged 5-16 with a diagnosed mental health problem, and Richmond teenagers reported wellbeing scores below the London average with 55% reporting being bullied in the previous two months (the highest proportion in London).  Richmond also has the highest rate of hospital admission for self-harm in 10-24 year olds across London. 

Feedback for the project has been brilliant and the outcomes of the project have exceeded our expectations.  Feedback forms completed by young people attending sessions and conversations with teachers have evidenced significant increases in the understanding of younger adult’s knowledge regarding resilience and wellbeing, and how to support themselves and others at times of need.  Every session is evaluated so we are able to continue to develop and improve them. 

One teacher recently said:

“The session was very engaging! Students felt involved emotionally with real life stories and enjoyed the stress-relief mindset. Students were discussing the subject matter way beyond the session.”

Over the lifespan of the projects to date we have delivered 100 sessions reaching 4751 young people. Since August 2016 specifically we have delivered, between the two projects, 63 sessions to 29 stakeholders, reaching 2601 young people. We are incredibly pleased with and proud of all those that attend and deliver sessions.

The projects continue to grow: we have recently secured funding to deliver Bounce sessions to children aged 8 and above in response to increasing demand from local schools for earlier intervention, and we have started working with Off The Record’s Young People Advisory Group to broaden the outreach of our projects across their networks.  We are looking forward to reaching and supporting even more young people in the future. 


Homelink is a charity based in Whitton that offers day respite to the carers of older people. We look after 140 people each week who have a range of disabilities including dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, MS, Alzheimer’s Disease, physical needs and social isolation. 

By taking care of these clients, Homelink gives 140 local carers a much needed break each week from their caring role which is often exhausting and relentless. We have been described by many carers as ‘a lifeline.’

Each month we spend on average £400 on transport costs for the use of minibuses/accessible vehicles to bring clients to our centre who would otherwise not be able to attend. 

We were delighted last year to receive a call from the St Margarets Fair Committee to let Homelink know we’d be successful in receiving some funding towards our transport costs.

To receive your generous support last year towards our essential transport cost was enormously appreciated.


We wish the 2017 Fair every success.

If you are a carer and need a break OR if you would like to give some time to volunteer at Homelink OR if you would like to make a donation to our charity PLEASE GIVE US A CALL on 0208 255 1992

Annual Charity Dinner:

The Fair funds an Annual Christmas Dinner for around 70 local senior citizens at the Turks Head. Not only is this a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, but local choirs sing carols and gifts are shared. It is a great event that is loved by all our local senior citizens. Please do spread the word about it to anyone you know who you think might like to attend this year's event as the more the merrier!

Other Community Projects

The Fair also gives an annual donation to Radio West Middllesex - the hospital radio station at West Middlesex and has a small discretionary fund to support one off local requests for help - in 2015 choosing to also make a small donation to the Richmond Environmental Trust to help in the provision of a standpipe at the Kilmorey Mauseoleum

We've supported a vast number of local charities since the first Fair, including amongst others:

  • Richmond Homes and Lifestyle Trust, Off The Record, HANDS,  Me Too and Co, Together as One, The Portcullis Trust, Home-Start Richmond, Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group, The Mulberry Centre, Homelink Day Respite Care, Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre, Richmond AID, SPEAR, Friends of Crofters, Whitton Social Centre, Richmond Welcare, Marble Hill Playcentres, River Thames Boat Project, Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames, Heatham House, South West London Alzheimer's Society, Richmond Carers Centre, Richmond-upon-Thames Talking Newspaper for the Blind, Richmond Crossroads Care, Richmond Advocacy, Homes for Life, Princess Alice Hospice, Roy Kinnear Trust & Shooting Star Trust

For any queries relating to our support of local charities, please email