Food and Drink

The fair organisers run these food and drink stalls and all profits go direct to charity - please support these stalls. Look on our plan of the fair ground to find where they are.

We have a large tea tent, Gloria's Tea Tent serving rolls, cakes, soft drinks and teas and coffees, run by Fair volunteers. The tea tent was run by Gloria Ketley for over 30 years

The Beer Tent is organised by Zeph King helped by Nick Dolan from the Real Ale Shop and assisted by volunteers and staff from the Turk's Head.

There is a Water and Soft Drinks stall selling bottled water and cans of soft drinks and fruit juice cartons.

Orleans Park PTA organise a Pimms stall.

The BBQ is run by parents from Orleans Primary School PTA.

We also have many commercial food stalls run by local businesses.